About School

Vivekanand Global School, Co-Educational English medium school, affiliated to C.B.S.E. was established in April 1996 and is managed by Vivek Shiksha Samiti, registered under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1866. In short span of 19 years, it has already established itself as a leading educational institution in Gurgaon, with implicate faith in perseverance, dedication, discipline, moral values, and truthfulness. The Vivekanand Global School is moving ahead step by step.

We follow the philosophy of Swami Vivekanand who laid great stress on man making & character building. A child spends nearly 15 years in school and during this period, education should help a growing child blossom into a fine and fragrant flower. The aim of education in Vivekanand Global undoubtedly is the attainment of Human Excellence and Perfection the school lays particular emphasis on the teaching basic values of Indian Culture. While the students have proved their worth by their excellent board results, the school continues to endeavor in providing the best academic and social milieu for the all-round development of every student.

The school boasts of a modern auditorium with audio-visual facilities, two well-equipped computer labs, an audio-visual lecture gallery that offers students the opportunity to learn from an interactive classroom, well-equipped science, and mathematics laboratories as well as a library. The spatial layout of the academic complex with its large, well-lit and well-ventilated classrooms provide the ideal environment for learning to take place.

In addition, the academic complex encloses a large lush green center field which is not only restful to the eye but also an ideal place for students to congregate. The large sports field provides ample space for students to hone their physical prowess and skills. Vivekanand Global School -“School with a Difference” Today’s world is a paradigm shift from what it was just a decade ago. Competence today means being in a state of readiness all the time. Success is the ability to constantly keep moving ahead. The student must emerge not just as a professional success but also as a true human being. Vivekanand Global School all over is truly emerging as the nurturing ground for leadership.

It is becoming synonymous with practical, meaningful value and activity-based education. It is attracting students from across the globe. Thus, this is a school with a difference. “CATCH THEM YOUNG” was the vision of Mr. Mahavir Bhardwaj start these Vidyalaya to provide basic orientation in the cultural heritage of Bharat besides secular education as in other schools.