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While preserving the best in traditional Indian and International education and culture, we have opted for a student-centered system with ample opportunities for project work and discovery learning, guided by a well-qualified teaching faculty with generous access to quality in-service training. The school ensures that every student’s potential is developed to the fullest extent.In Mr Mahavir Bhardwaj vision, the path for troubled human society, to achieve a peaceful, healthier, richer and happier world of tomorrow, lay in ensuring education to all her children with a special focus on the ones belonging to the poor and deprived classes.

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Our school has a well-stocked and well-furnished library. To nourish the intellect we have books, periodicals and journals on every

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 Smart Classes

Whenever You Make learning exciting, it makes a difference in the classroom. Each class room is equipped with an LCD

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Safe travel of students, we have a fleet of buses on designated routes wherein, we ensure that they board and

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 Physical Education

The purpose of athletic training in is not only to develop a healthy body but to discover the limits

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Skating 19 Play School Rotary club Plantation Earth Day 18 Monsoon Activity Outdoor Activity Independence Day Mother's day 2018 Mother's

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 Music Classes

They teach you that there is a boundary line to music...but how can there be a limit to an art

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Our Vision

We are and will be an institution where design and social research drive approaches to study issues of our time. We will be intellectual and creative centre. Our vision aligns with shifts in the global economy, society and equipment which animate our mission and our values.